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Team booking p.p.

Team booking p.p.

€ 2.500,00Price

This is where it starts. Book how many berths you want to occupy on board with your team. The price is based upon a fully slept yacht. So when you book for 8 people, you will receive a yacht that sleeps 8 people. In general that will be a yacht with 4 double cabins. OUR RULE:  no one sleeps in the cabin or living area.


After booking we will contact you to carefully discuss which boat is the perfect match for you.


With berths we mean a place to sleep on board of the exclusive yacht you obtain with your team from us. Does some one prefer a private cabine? then count this as 1+1/2 a person. 


The maximum  number of people on board of a yacht is 10 (including your friend skipper or a booked skipper) and 5 cabins.


Booking is without obligations.  You have minimum 14 days to cancel the booking for 100%. When you book early you can cancel 100% until the 31 st of march.


Do not forget to book a skipper when you wish or need 1. When your crew has skipper licences you do not neccesarily need one. We do recommend a pro skipper since the experience gets more relaxed.


NOTE: we cannot accept teams of smaller than 4 people, book in that case a 1 cabin per person. So we calculate 4x1,5=6 times the price for an individual.

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