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TNG Baltic Cup Orange

TNG Baltic Cup Orange

€ 749,00 Regular Price
€ 695,00Sale Price

The so called "James Bond" Boxer in Blue bikini sailor watch.


This watch is very popular because there is a smaller version available (see the second picture with the all black dial plate)

The limited Ibiza Regatta version comes with a silver pin 3D logo on the rubber wristband.


NOTE: This model can be ordered in a lady watch size (it has an all black dial plate then)


When ordered 5 or more watches you get 1 watch for free (order the team box in this webshop)


When the regatta is near and the team is participating the watches will be presented at the opening night of the regatta in a team gift box.


NOTE: also the Sailmaster (€ 795,-) and the smaller lady version ALL can get delivered in this orange style.


For more info, models and colors check

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