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Recommended yachts, Events, Regatta's and investments


Choose your yacht

We send you a list of our preferred yacht charter suppliers. All local companies. You choose a yacht.


Translate into our language

Contact the charter yourself or through Ibiza Regatta. our specialism is that we know what you like and the charter understands what we say.


Book your dream yacht and Holliday.

When all is clear you book directly with the charter of choice. Ibiza Regatta is your quality guarantee label that you can use. With more than 3 yachts booked we will personally join you at check in.

Recommended Events & Regatta's

No events at the moment

Investements recommended

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Refit proyecto of Lagoon 450

This has many advantages; choose your own equipment standard; no value decreases; trustworthy earning model especially when combined with Ibiza Regatta and chartering through the season. Think of DJ set on board, light show, horns, air-condition etc.

Regatta ribs

day charter ribs for use during the regatta and whole season chartered through our charter partners. Branded as Ibiza Regatta boats it will give the event 5 star status.

20 identical yachts

To start with 10 yachts and every year 5 more an efficient and unique race fleet gets created.

Our Services

Through out the years we build up a unique specialism. This is made up in 3 services whole year round. The services are offered as recommendations for you.  See above. And not only tips on IBIZA.

We can gladly recommend  you with:   Yacht rent  |  events &  regattas   |  yacht investments.

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